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About Us
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Bespoke Independent Financial Advisers (IFA) has been providing expert financial advice since 1995 in Surrey and Berkshire, and while the company has advanced over the years, our ambition remains exactly the same as it was when we opened the doors 28 years ago: to serve our clients to the best of our ability.

As a people-focused company, we take pride in establishing close relationships with our clients – relationships that we treasure enormously. We believe there’s no other way we could provide the services we offer than getting to know our clients as thoroughly and as deeply as possible.

We strive to provide professional holistic financial planning for the long-term, and to achieve that we need to ensure the bonds we hold with our clients are strong. We are proud that many of our clients have been with us for over 20 years, through the full range of meaningful life events.

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Our Vision
To build a holistic financial services business based on the principles of truth and honesty, by creating strong lasting relationships with our clients based on trust. Our goal is to achieve the best outcome for our clients, and we work hard to deliver what we promise by continually challenging our thinking and the financial outlook.

Our Difference
We are proud to be different from most financial services businesses and advisers – it’s what makes us, us! At Bespoke, everything we do is carefully designed to provide our clients with the best advice and service. Our team’s passion and commitment to deliver the most reliable, trustworthy and highest-quality service is what enables our clients to achieve their life’s ambitions and goals.

But what makes us Bespoke, is our love of feedback. We are constantly seeking feedback from our team, clients and partners to improve our business. We perform regular reviews to our system and processes in order to maximise productivity and service procedures.

Our Focus – you, your life and your future
Many people have life goals and dreams, but without proper planning, a goal is just a wish. At Bespoke we help you achieve your goals through expert and professional advice. We listen to and focus on your needs, hopes and dreams. We make sense of your past and current financial situation and formulate a plan that enables you to work toward your ambitions. Using a holistic approach to design your financial journey will allow us to plan and prepare for all possible financial scenarios, as opposed to focusing only on a specific component.

Experience and Knowledge

No matter how complex your questions, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward.

We have brought together a bespoke team of select individuals with the skills, knowledge and experience needed to provide you with clear, considered and excellent advice and service.

With a wealth of experience in the financial services sector, our team have seen the full spectrum of economic scenarios – both good and bad.

Paul Francis Headshot

Paul Francis

CEO & Independent Financial Adviser

David Wilson Headshot

David Wilson

Managing Director & Independent Financial Adviser

John Downs

Compliance Director

Shilpa VK

Head of Client Support Services

Steve Yeates Headshot

Steve Yeates

Finance Manager

Liam Walter

Operations Manager

Jacqueline Brown

Independent Financial Adviser

Andy Dixon

Independent Financial Adviser

Alex Kirkpatrick

Independent Financial Adviser

Paul Drage Headshot

Paul Drage

Chartered Financial Planner

Sarah Rush

Technical Analyst

Marilyn Selzer

Administration Team Leader

Sebastian Francis


Sarah Gibbons


As independent financial advisers, our advice is based upon a comprehensive and fair analysis of the entire financial services market and products, meaning that our clients are receiving advice that is truly Bespoke, unbiased and personalised.

Our expert team help individuals and small companies to achieve their financial goals by delivering strategies with breakthrough value. Our people know how to anticipate, collaborate, innovate and create opportunity from every event – even from the unforeseen obstacle.

Our dedication to our core values of trust and high-quality service extends beyond our clients and the commercial marketplace to our own organisation and the communities where we work and live.

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