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Holistic Financial Planning

Holistic Financial Planning
by bespoke

Holistic financial planning is the process of pursuing your life goals responsibly, through expert management of your capital. The process involves setting life goals (such as saving for your child’s education, planning for retirement or leaving a legacy), gathering relevant financial information, examining your current resources and developing a plan for you to work toward achieving your goals.

Holistic planning doesn’t mean “all-in-one” solution, but it’s about a tailored approach to personal finance where your life goals are the core and using in-depth and complex information to build a plan that treats your financial position as a whole, you will have a strategy that works together to reach those goals.

“to reach the right goals, a proper foundation must be laid”

At Bespoke, we believe that there are substantial risks associated with only looking at a small part of your financial affairs instead of assessing the full picture. Our knowledge in retirement solutions, investment strategies, and the tax-efficient withdrawal of your funds when you come to need these later in life, allows for a complete plan to be implemented and give you peace of mind. Therefore, we believe that a holistic approach that looks at all the pieces of the puzzle collectively is the only sensible approach to financial planning.

Why Holistic Financial Planning?

Holistic financial planning provides peace of mind by giving you direction and meaning to your life. It allows you to understand how a financial decision can impact other areas of your life. By viewing each financial decision as a whole, you can consider its short and long-term effects on your life goals, which allows you to adapt with more ease to life changes while feeling confident that your goals are on track.

The definition of holistic planning can mean different things to different people. As you may be aware, the word is essentially defined by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. The connection with the financial planning process is clear, but at Bespoke we take that one step further and take into account our clients financial and emotional wellbeing.

Key Benefits of the Service

As Independent Financial Advisers we are not limited in the type of advice we offer, which allows us to look at the whole marketplace and the many options available for our clients, giving an in-depth overview of the best solution and strategy.

  • We help you understand and prioritise your life goals
  • We help you plan and prepare for life scenarios
  • We help keep you on track for your financial future
  • We provide peace of mind for you and your family